How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Part 2 Cross Cultural Management

When working with international teams there are going to be multiple levels of issues and concerns to navigate consciously and subconsciously.  When discussing this topic (and it is one of my favorites) I love to reference my favorite text on the subject, Understanding Cross Cultural Management by By Browaeys and Price. (Everything below is based on their work).

According to Michael Browne, “[g]lobalization means that modern teams and companies are increasingly staffed by qualified people from around the world. In order to create a harmonic working environment while maximizing team efficiency, it is necessary to understand how different cultures approach things such as meeting deadlines, direct or indirect communication or project mentality”.

Individuals who master the ability to operate and navigate international teams with success and results are people high in demand.  You can too by studying the following aspects of cross-cultural diversity.

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How Do You Make Decisions? Insight IQ Quiz | CEB

Peter Drucker decision making

CEB has found a growing “insight deficit” as organizations amass more data and spend more on analytics. In today’s work environment, the most effective decision makers collaborate with peers and balance analysis with judgment. Take our Insight IQ quiz to find out how you make decisions.

Insight IQ Quiz | CEB.

How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Pt. 1 Creative Problem Solving

CreativeCritical thinking

The ability to use logical judgement in addition to creative and critical thinking skills are some of the most useful and transferable skills that one can posses.  Many of these skills are ingrained in us, but many can be learned.  The goal is to learn and assimilate new ways of processing information in a way that makes sense to you.  This will allow you to be the agent of change as opposed to the guy who’s stuck thinking inside the box.

When facing a problem or an issue, making the right decision is a fundamental task. Critical thinking helps us to understand the pros and cons of every possible outcome and to value them according to the goal we want to achieve. Improving its utilization in all aspects of your life can results in better decisions, fewer mistakes and in a significant improvement in the collaboration and success between people.

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Why Personal Reputation Management is Crucial to your Brand

Personal branding reputation managementAccording to Entrepreneur Magazine, “the sum of all your social-media activity is truly a reflection of your collective brand, so manage it all with purpose. Your behavior on social media becomes your brand and builds your reputation. While the digital world is your platform, use it with care because there is a fine line between productive and destructive behavior.”

You’re branding even when you don’t know it.  You can either have a positive brand with a great reputation or not.  If you don’t have a positive, productive, and reputable professional internet persona then you’re in for trouble.  Clean up your social networks and remember that diligence is the key to reputation management.  Admit it,  you don’t want your Facebook profile privacy settings open for your new boss to see you wasted and doing body-shots off some co-ed last month do you?

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