Personal Branding Rules | Social Networking Do’s and Don’ts


Think of the internet as that gossipy girl in high school and imagine that there’s no secret she won’t spill.  You wouldn’t willingly help that gossip ruin your reputation.  However,  you have without knowing it by allowing your private shenanigans to infiltrate your personal brand.  I challenge you to Google yourself and see if you’re truly happy with the results.

Moving on,  I would think that I wouldn’t have to write this post but I do.  There are still stories about people getting fired for posting something inappropriate or having something from years earlier reappear to wreak havoc on their lives, and we never think it will be us on the other end of that story.  Your personal brand is a sacred and precious thing which is the culmination of everything you are.  When you damage that it can be very hard to recover; just look at Mitt Romney’s Presidential race.

For the love of God, lets use our powers for propriety instead of stupidity!

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Tips for Job Interview Success | Personal Branding

Biggest Job Interview Mistakes

Acing your Job Interview

Way too often many of us get nervous about job interviews.  Its totally natural and avoidable.  Eric Barker of Time Magazine lists the following proven job interview success tips:

  • Be similar to the interviewer
  • Timing matters – Research shows interviews go better when: They’re earlier in the day and when the weather is good.
  • Optimize your first impression
  • Feel powerful
  • Have a strong handshake
  • Know the right questions to ask
  • Know how to negotiate salary

How does one Interview like a winner?  Its simple really, and thank you for asking.  Here’s a quick tip to help you break the ice and set the mood.

Q: Interviewer: Thank you for coming in today.  How are you?

A: Goal oriented, thank you for asking.

No seriously,  if the interviewer smiles then you can relax a bit and feel more comfortable speaking with this stranger.  In addition to that, if you’re a character – like my grampa use to call me – then right away you’re demonstrating your brand and personality.  Interviewers want to know what its going to be like to work with you, so show them.

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How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Career Development


As I continue to study, read, and assimilate the vast knowledge of “businessy things” available I inevitably create links and make lists as to what skills and traits are needed for individuals to flourish as team members and to function at their highest level.   As I tend to focus on the more serious topics of management, leadership and winning, I also try to make it entertaining and short to keep your attention.

On that note, this post is an amalgamation of  topics which when combined create a powerful understanding of how to be indispensable to international teams.  This 20-something guide was inspired by many of my fellow students who are or have just graduated.  Going into the world of international business isn’t going to be difficult for some of the international students, but for the others who stumble upon great opportunities, this guide is for them and for you.

Consider this your 20-something, 101 guide to working in or with international teams.

The series includes the following:


Do You Have an Executive Presence | Personal Branding

Forbes defines executive presence as:

The ability to project gravitas–confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness—seems to be its core characteristic, according to more than two-thirds of the executives surveyed. Furthermore, communication—including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation—and appearance contribute to a person’s perceived executive presence.

In this article by ForbesMuriel Maignan Wilkins, coauthor of Own the Room, breaks executive presence into three essential parts.

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Public Speaking Skills – Why They Matter To Your Brand

Public speaking skills career developmentPersonal branding is about more than just your mission statement, brand statement, and resume package; its about presenting YOU as a package – all of you.

We’ve all been stuck in horrid presentations and public speaking engagements, and thought about why no one had every told the speaker that they were a nightmare.  If you’re self-aware (and at this point I certainly hope you are) I’m sure you know if you suck or not.  However, if someone’s told you that you suck (and hopefully you don’t), use the criticism in your heart and co-workers whispers to embrace the personal branding motto, “show me a problem and I see solutions”.

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12 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves at Work

what you should never talk about at workSuccessful people don’t have some hidden guidebook showing them some true path that’s adapted for them; they are sentient and self-aware.  These people are able to apply common sense in a way that enhances their brand and their respect.  Successful people also have the capacity to view themselves the way others see them and never shy away from asking the hard questions.  In this article by Travis Bradberry,  Co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart, we have a basic blueprint on behaviors that successful people do not engage in.

I encourage you to ask yourself truthfully how many times you’ve ruined your brand and reputation by behaving in the following:

  1. Openly complained that you hate your job.
  2. Unashamedly proclaim another’s incompetence.
  3. Discuss how much money you make.
  4. Discuss your personal political and religious views.
  5. Talk about what you do on Facebook.
  6. Share what you do in the bedroom.
  7. Postulate what others do in their bedroom.
  8. Share that you’re after a co-workers job.
  9. Brag about how wild you were in college.
  10. Talk about how wasted you like to get.
  11. Tell offensive jokes.
  12. Share that you’re job hunting.

What Successful People Have In Common

what successful people have in commonThis post is a slight departure from my normal business only style of blogging because I’ve come to realize that there are more ways to be successful than just being educated and properly trained.  In today’s world of chemical pollutants and refined foods scientists are finding links which understandably create a new way of thinking about our bodies and minds.

My personal philosophy is that a well maintained body is the foundation of success.  Many people we call leaders and innovators have found that diet and exercise are the key to success by way of personal discipline and the self realization that a healthy body creates a healthy mind.  With new revelations into digestive health we can see that many conditions are located in the gut and digestive system.  Studies show that there are links to depression and anxiety as bad bacterial waste acts as neurotoxins which affect how we think, feel, and behave.

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