How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Part 5 Mediation


No matter where you work, there will be some form of conflict among your team or co-workers.  If you’re working in an international team then you can pretty much guarantee that the company has a Mediation department to handle any issues.  However,  knowing the basics can save the day when minor conflicts occur.  Conflict in the workplace, groups, and teams is to be expected and accepted.  However,  when a minor conflict begins to grow and escalate its in everyone’s best interest to take proper notice before there’s a full-blown meltdown.  When negative conflict happens its handy to have someone on the team who can reign in on the madness without having to involve management or the HR department, and the skills to know when its time to call them in.


Allowing a neutral third party to intervene between people in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.

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How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Career Development


As I continue to study, read, and assimilate the vast knowledge of “businessy things” available I inevitably create links and make lists as to what skills and traits are needed for individuals to flourish as team members and to function at their highest level.   As I tend to focus on the more serious topics of management, leadership and winning, I also try to make it entertaining and short to keep your attention.

On that note, this post is an amalgamation of  topics which when combined create a powerful understanding of how to be indispensable to international teams.  This 20-something guide was inspired by many of my fellow students who are or have just graduated.  Going into the world of international business isn’t going to be difficult for some of the international students, but for the others who stumble upon great opportunities, this guide is for them and for you.

Consider this your 20-something, 101 guide to working in or with international teams.

The series includes the following:


How Conflict Resolution Can Boost Your Personal Brand

conflict resolution and personal brandingConflict can be either good or bad.  We all need some level of conflict to attain our goals, push our personal limits, and to show us what we’re made of.  However, the type of conflicts that I’m talking about are disagreements and full-blown disputes.

Having a solid understanding of the principles of conflict resolution can mean that you’re one step ahead of the dispute and already thinking of ways to navigate and negotiate your way to an understanding.

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