How to be Indispensable to International Teams | Part 3 Communication

international team communication

…Make it safe for people—especially those with less power—to speak openly about what’s on their mind….

Communication can go two ways; good or bad.  When speaking to another person it is always best if you DON’T follow the hilarious suggestions provided in the following video…and you’re welcome.

No, seriously communication is important.  Without it nothing would get accomplished in a timely, professional, and thorough manner which pleases, satisfies, and/or satiates the company overlords.  If my job is dependent on some small function of your job then we have to be able to properly function and communicate wants, needs, timing, directions, instructions, etc.

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Understanding Context and Why It Matters to Your Brand

understanding high and low context in communication

Context plays a very important role in communication.  People, peers, colleagues, and especially employers, do not want to have to interact with someone who lacks the self-awareness, knowledge, or understanding necessary to fully appreciate context before speaking.  By doing this your brand looks immature and unexamined which is the opposite of all things professional.

Context comes in two forms:  High and low

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