About Me

Inspiration-1The Brand Design is about learning to promote the best version of yourself in a way that denotes a sense of leadership and direction in your life.
The fact is, there is no real difference between you and a brand such as Coke. When someone thinks of you they reference their own quick snapshot of who you are and what you represent just as they would with Coke.

So what does your snapshot represent?
What do you want people to think of you?

If you think branding is about painting the best picture of yourself while living a life that’s a pale and less noble then you’re mistaken. Its about BEING the best version of yourself AND presenting it.

The Brand Design was started to create a unified space to outline some of my personal interests:

Personal and Professional Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Personal Branding
Best Practices
Personal Development
Career Management (goals and long term solutions for obtaining those goals)
Employee Retention
Employee Development
Conflict Resolution (Facilitative and Conference style)
Restorative Justice
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

My Etsy shop features customized resume templates and personal branding packages that not only help guide you in figuring out who you are and what you want to say about yourself but help you present a visual representation of it as well.

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