12 Things Successful People Never Reveal About Themselves at Work

what you should never talk about at workSuccessful people don’t have some hidden guidebook showing them some true path that’s adapted for them; they are sentient and self-aware.  These people are able to apply common sense in a way that enhances their brand and their respect.  Successful people also have the capacity to view themselves the way others see them and never shy away from asking the hard questions.  In this article by Travis Bradberry,  Co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart, we have a basic blueprint on behaviors that successful people do not engage in.

I encourage you to ask yourself truthfully how many times you’ve ruined your brand and reputation by behaving in the following:

  1. Openly complained that you hate your job.
  2. Unashamedly proclaim another’s incompetence.
  3. Discuss how much money you make.
  4. Discuss your personal political and religious views.
  5. Talk about what you do on Facebook.
  6. Share what you do in the bedroom.
  7. Postulate what others do in their bedroom.
  8. Share that you’re after a co-workers job.
  9. Brag about how wild you were in college.
  10. Talk about how wasted you like to get.
  11. Tell offensive jokes.
  12. Share that you’re job hunting.



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