Personal Brand Statements | What’s Your Headline?

writing your personal brand statement

The purpose of a personal brand statement is to capture the heart of your brand in one sentence; its a promise to employers about your unique value proposition.  Your brand statement also gives the receiver the essential information.  Consider it something like a headline – and I don’t mean the clickbait type of headline, but a show stopper.

The elements of a magnetic headline is that it:

  1. Valuable Offer/Proposition
  2. Keywords of your target market (i.e. what are the needs of the company?)
  3. Incentive/Sense of Urgency

Some may say that you need to prepare an elevator speech.  That depends.  In the following TED Talk, Michelle Golden explains that the 30-second elevator speech may actually be a secret timesuck; describing it at “in-person spam”.


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