How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

tips for building a powerful personal brand
Creating a powerful personal brand takes serious thought about who you are and what you have to offer.  Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand – good or bad.  The key to success is to control the narrative, i.e. your brand.
A powerful brand is:
  • Authentic
  • Consistent
  • Harmonic

Steps to creating or uncovering your personal brand:
Step 1: Determine your unique value proposition
  • Your value proposition is a cost vs. benefits equation that shows your prospect’s motivation.  Here’s how to do it.
  • Your benefits hold different weight to different people. You need to find out which of your benefits are perceived to be most important to your prospects.
Step 2: Find out how others perceive you
Step 3: Identify your goals
  • I’m always saying this because having a direction will always guide you.
  • Have several short-term goals(3 – 6 months or so) in 3 to 4 categories such as personal development, career goals, strategic management and so on.
  • 6 months –
  • 1 year –
  • and so on…
Step 4: Identifying your target audience

Step 5: Reorganize your priorities

Step 6: Pay attention to the details – no matter how small
  • Everything you do ultimately contributes to your personal brand.Once your brand has been defined, make sure that the little things — the way you dress, your body language, how you behave with co-workers, the emails you write — are consistent with your brand message.
Step 7: Update your resume
  • Ensure that your resume accurately defines who you are, and is in line with both your short-term and long-term goals.
Step 8: Start social networking – online and through local groups
  • Make sure to be consistent with all profile pictures, about me pages, and updates. You can even use sites like Hootsuite to handle all of that for you.
  • Get involved with groups through sites like Meetup.
Step 9: Buildup your web presence
  • Use sites such as Linkedin or to boost your brand presence online.
Step 10: Blog (as I do), publish, and self-publish (which I do not)
  • If you’re as productive as I am when it comes to your passion then why not compile it all into a niche blog.  Sites like WordPress and blogger are fine if you’re not in the major leagues.  I still suggest WordPress if you are…
  • I’m not yet publishing so I have no suggestions for you…
  • I’m also not self-publishing because I’m not interested, so Google is going to be your friend here.
Step 11: Tent to your marketing network
  • Be sure to keep co-workers, colleagues, clients, and friends updated about what you are doing.  Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and what the people in your network say about you will ultimately have an effect on your brand.
Step 12: Frequently revue your brand
  • Are you portraying your brand in a way that’s concise and easily understood?
  • Is your brand message consistent among all platforms? A regular review will ensure your message remains clear.

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