Executive IQ: Punctuation

I had the solemn displeasure of being destroyed and rebuilt by one of Brenau’s most infamous English professors, Dr. Locey.  This women was so feared that there were often times girls in tears after having their papers handed back and seeing their blood and sweat reduced to another failed paper.  I (being a full grown adult) allowed the women to do what she does best and take my writing to a much more professional level.  However, those who thought they could just bullshit by with a C didn’t catch any sympathy in the real world when their resumes were rejected because they failed to grasp even the most basic of fundamental principles in regards to the English language and its grammar.

Just because there are so many little details that can make or break your (resume) package; I thought I would share some common sense tidbits because we often get sloppy and don’t mean to.


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