33 Questions To Propel Your Personal Brand Forward This Year

Propel your brand forward

33 Questions To Propel Your Personal Brand Forward This Year

  1. What am I an expert on?
  2. What can I promise to people that work with me?
  3. What is the core message I am expressing?
  4. Does my core message line up with my beliefs?
  5. Who are my customers & clients & how well do I know them?
  6. Does my core message resonate with my customers & clients?
  7. Has my message changed over the past year?
  8. What changes do I need to make?
  9. Is my message the same as my competitors?
  10. Do I have a VP (Value Proposition)?
  11. Does my VP need tweaking?
  12. What makes me unique? (What I teach, what I’m about, how I deliver)
  13. Am I holding back who I really am due to fear or uncertainty?
  14. Is my web site/blog reflect my brand message & image? (Hint: ditch the cookie cutter blog theme)
  15. Do my social media updates reflect my brand or does it confuse it?
  16. Do I have a signature product?
  17. If not, what’s stopping me from producing my first signature product?
  18. If so, how can I strategically promote it more this year?
  19. Are there products and/or services that I offer, but need to stop this year?
  20. When people work with me, they can expect ___________?
  21. What can I do to blow their socks off when they are working with me?
  22. What can I send my clients as a special “thank you” once we are done working together.
  23. Do all of my marketing materials express my brand message & image? (Business cards, brochures, etc.)
  24. How can I offer double the amount of value I offered last year to my tribe, customers & clients?
  25. How can I better nurture and grow my online tribe this year?
  26. What are three core things I can do to keep my brand in front of my tribe & prospects consistently this year? (Email, Social Media, workshops, snail mail, etc.)
  27. Have I been spread too thin in my efforts? Do I need to narrow my focus of where and how my brand is seen by others?
  28. Do I have a process in place that gets testimonials effectively from past customers & clients?
  29. When writing content, am I writing for my target audience or the masses?
  30. Am I copying other online authorities & influencers or am I doing my own thing?
  31. How can I better express my personal brand through storytelling?
  32. Am I taking ownership of my personal brand & business? (Not letting excuses, laziness, distractions, obstacles get in my way)
  33. Do I feel clear on who I am, what my brand is about and how I will consistently express it, engage with my target audience this year?


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