The Dreaded Video Resume

You’re either as awesome as Barney Stinsonhe is awesome – or you’re just that wonderful you who was either born ready for the camera, or you weren’t.

Most of us fall into three categories:

  1. Those who have never submitted a video resume even though it meant not applying to a dream job.
  2. Those who’ve got PTSD style trauma relating to a previous experience submitting a terrible video resume so ghastly that within 4 seconds they were rejected.
  3. Those who are just really good at that kind of thing.

Branding yourself in a way that gets the attention of hiring managers is one of the most important things you can do for your career.  In addition to a website with an online portfolio, having a video resume gives you an opportunity to quickly introduce yourself in a one-minute or so video.  This is key because it allows you to control the first impression.

If you are truly dedicated to standing out then I recommend you get a site where you can feature your best in a tasteful way which includes your portfolio, resume, and video.  One link is the most a hiring manager will click and these days its usually LinkedIn.

In this lovely clip entitled “Google Please Hire Me”, we see what thinking outside the box can get you.  I encourage you to do this ONLY if you’re Saturday Night Live style funny enough to pull it off and have a large group of cohorts whom you rely on for honest creative criticism, input, and feedback.  There’s nothing worse than ending up on someone’s (my) playlist for Video Resume Fails.

Here’s a great video that quickly sums up some of the most relevant tips for creating a video resume.

What a strong video resume will do for you:

  • It is a demonstration of your brand (e.g. your confidence with video conferencing and so forth).
  • It helps you to build rapport with the hiring manager.
  • It helps to create excitement around who you are and drive the hiring manager to want to meet you.
  • It is not constrained to something as one dimensional as a print resume, because neither are you!

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