Why Linkedin Matters to your Brand


According to William Arruda, Linkedin is the only personal branding source you’ll ever need.  That’s a strong statement and he successfully manages to back up that claim with a great article that’s sure to get you thinking about why managing and maintaining your Linkedin profile should be high on your list of priorities.  Whether you’re a current job seeker or already employed, you should make the most of this powerful resource on at least a monthly basis.

William makes 12 points about Linkedin:

  1. It’s your agent.
  2. It’s your 24/7 billboard.
  3. It’s your professional association.
  4. It’s your personal website and blog.
  5. It’s your portfolio.
  6. It’s your reference check.
  7. It’s your teacher and mentor.
  8. It’s your recruiter.
  9. It’s your salesperson.
  10. It’s your career coach.
  11. It’s your contact management system.
  12. It’s your researcher.

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Rich Hein of Cio.com lists 9 steps to build your personal brand, stating that “Regardless of your role … developing and maintaining your personal brand should be a part of your long-term career strategy.”

Hein mentions that “a personal brand is more than just maintaining your LinkedIn profile, according to the experts. “Good people put their head down and get caught up in their job and forget they have a whole career to manage,” says Pamela Rucker, chairwoman of the CIO executive Council’s Executive Women in IT.”

Rich’s 9 steps to build your personal brand:

  1. Figure out what you do best and what you are known for.
  2. Figure out how its relevant to your industry.
  3. Build out your social profiles.
  4. Create content and get it out there.
  5. Keep updating your content and brand.
  6. Help people understand why they need your service.
  7. You can’t be a brand alone.
  8. Make sure every interaction leaves them feeling like you have lived up to your brand statement.
  9. Keep your personal brand and your personal life separate.

Read the full article here


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